Palestinians are not exactly chained to their kassam rockets

The international global community which buys into the canard that Israel is the aggressor and palestinians are victims keep forgetting that palestinians are not exactly chained to their homicide belts and kassam rockets. Furthermore, if the Egyptians had kept their side of the Philadelphi deal, Islamic Jihad would have run out of explosives long ago. Then again, because Islam is in a permanent state of war with all non-Muslims and deception is a legitimate tactic, it is foolishness to have faith in Arabs when they are party to an agreement. From Nine Palestinian Rockets Hit Israel on Tuesday:

Three Qassam rockets landed south of Ashkelon and in an open field near the security fence along the border between Israel and Gaza on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday evening, the IAF struck at a Qassam launch site in the northern Gaza Strip. The first rocket landed in an open field south of Ashkelon. Later in the evening, two additional Qassams landed in an open field near the security fence. Tuesday morning, six Qassam rockets were fired from the northern Gaza strip into the western Negev. The al-Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad’s military wing, claimed responsibility for these attacks.

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