The Next War with Hizbullah

The IDF could have crippled the Hezbollah bastards, if they weren’t so worried about world opinion. From Strategic Assessment/Institute for National Security Studies-Tel Aviv University, The Next War with Hizbullah:

Hizbullah’s main operational goal prior to the July 2006 war was to conduct a war of attrition against the Israeli home front. Hizbullah invested most of its efforts in assembling an extensive missile system, including rockets with ranges of over 100 km, under the assumption that Israel would not conduct significant ground operations south of the Litani River. Most of the organization’s operational mass was concentrated in this area.

From the very beginning of the fighting, Hizbullah maintained a continuous bombardment of Israeli territory in order to wear down the Israeli home front. As Hizbullah had predicted, the IDF countered with massive airpower. Only a few ground-based operations were conducted, and primarily close to the border. At the same time, a number of weak points in Hizbullah’s operational preparations surfaced. The first was the IDF’s success in damaging its medium and long-range rocket systems.

The destruction of Hizbullah’s Zelzal rockets in Beirut in the first hours of fighting appears to have been especially painful.

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