The next time the subject of destroying art comes up…

The next time the subject of destroying art comes up, referring to Zvi Mazel’s righteous act in unplugging Dror Feiler’s tribute to a “Palestinian” suicide bomber, tell the Jew bashers about Al-Qaida’s plot to blow up a Bologna church fresco. And don’t forget to remind them about how the Taliban blew up the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan. And tell them how, for Arab Muslims, it became a standard practice to destroy Indian, Persian, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Jewish or Christian temples and build a mosque on the ruins, an act that was always interpreted by historians as a kind of one upmanship, a way to demonstrate the superiority of Islam and humiliate the defeated. And once you do tell these facts to the enemies of the Jews, you will wipe their grins right off their Jew baiting faces.

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