Newsweek calls Kerry the victor

Newsweek is claiming that in a poll taken after the first series of debates Thursday nite, Kerry outperformed Bush and that Bush’s lead in the race for the White House has vanished.

Well, if all it takes is 90 minutes for the dumbest of Americans to believe Kerry is the man for president, while ignoring his horrible Senate record for the past 19 years, while ignoring how he single-handedly turned America against returning Vietnam Vets who were scorned and disrespected by their own countrymen for the first in the history of the United States, and while ignoring his arrogant and wretched disrespect for our servicemen currently in Iraq, then America is going to get the president they deserve. Heaven knows, the rest of us will suffer for it. And Israel will, too.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Kerry is an elitist, effete snob; he behaves as if he’s entitled; he’s probably pissed off that he even has to run for president. And his wife? We were watching CSPAN; in the beginning of the event, when the Bush family greeted Heinz-Kerry and Kerry, the camera closed in on Big T and she was chewing gum. What a class act. Not.

It comes down to character, folks. Character, integrity, and honesty. The week of the debate, my president was shaking hands and comforting those who lost everything during the hurricanes in Florida; Kerry was windsurfing and getting a manicure.

Kerry could write a 77 page manual of debate rules, but he still can’t come up with a plan to keep our nation secure.

In a nutshell, Kerry is the repulsive puppet of the Democratic party, the same party that is scaring retirees about Social Security, scaring mothers about the draft, scaring people about guns and SUVs. The Democrats know that many people are illiterate, so they’re going to count on Kerry to tell the masses anything, and rely on fear to get people to surrender their money, their property and their freedom, and ultimately, a great war-time president.

You want a president-in-training during wartime? Then vote for Kerry. You want to see an intact Manhattan skyline? Then vote for Bush. Period.

Americans are stupid

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