A new video from the insane Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden, who loves death and murdering others, does not want to be remembered as just a crippled psycho with kidney failure who can die while crapping his brains out from dysentry in a cave somewhere along the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Nope, Osama wants to be remembered for his rantings and psychotic ramblings about how great life is as a Muslim from inside a cave where you get to crap inside an aluminum pot and wipe yourself with your paperless left hand. Here’s a new video from bin Laden, the depraved sub-human, proving he is still capable of murdering not only 3,000 but 3,000,000, and a reminder that he is just another one of the way-too-many depraved Muslims that are out there who are – at this moment – plotting to kill you and your children.

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