New TV Ads Thank America for Iraq War

The Kurdistan Development Corporation will launch a multi-front advertising and public relations campaign next week – thanking the United States and Coalition Partners for the military campaign that liberated the Iraqi Kurds from the ravages of Saddam Hussein. The program will be launched with a national TV ad campaign, print ads and

an extensive public relations program.

The campaign, “The Other Iraq,” is named such to distinguish the public perception of Iraq as a violent and dangerous place with the more prosperous and peaceful Kurdistan.

Along with the TV and print ads is the launch of the website:

At the website you can view the three new TV ads that have been produced, in addition to a new documentary about Kurdistan that will be distributed throughout the United States and Europe.

Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, Kurdistan Regional Government Representative to the UK, Chairman Kurdistan Development Corporation, will travel to the United States from London to serve as the principal spokesperson for The Other Iraq campaign. She was educated in London and very fluent in English so can capably do television and radio interviews. Other spokespersons are available, and they are listed on the website.

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