New T.V. Ad Slams United Nations

A new television ad slams the United Nations and rejects the bogus “reforms” of the institution proposed by U.N. General Secretary, Kofi Annan.

The new ad, “U.N. Photo Album,” was produced by the group leading the effort to “Get the U.N. Out of the U.S.,” Move America Forward (, and is expected to begin running on national cable news networks during the first week of April. The new ad can be seen online, ahead of its broadcast schedule, at

View the ad here.

“This week Kofi Annan continued his frantic campaign of damage control in a desperate attempt to repair the stained image of the broken United Nations. After reviewing the reform proposals unveiled by Mr. Annan it is clear that they are a bogus attempt to whitewash the corruption, failure and anti-Americanism that permeates the United Nations as a whole,” said Howard Kaloogian, Co-Chairman of Move America Forward.

“The United Nations cannot be trusted. We’ve seen that over and over again, and the actions of the U.N. speak louder than their hollow promises to change their ways,” said Melanie Morgan, Move America Forward’s other Co-Chair.

“For several years now, Kofi Annan and the U.N. leadership have bent over backwards to appease terrorist-supporting regimes and despots throughout the world. Yet, when it comes to the United States they seethe with contempt and resentment.

“U.S. taxpayers are the largest source of funding for the U.N. and yet we receive nothing but abuse from the U.N. We’ve had enough, we’re not going to take it anymore, and the day of reckoning draws nearer for Kofi Annan and the corrupt monstrosity that the United Nations has become,” Morgan said.


o Kojo Annan Reported to Have Received $300,000 From Oil for Food Contractor

o Kofi Annan Met With Same Oil for Food Contractor At Least THREE Times

Annan made his reform proposals to the U.N. general assembly earlier this week, as part of a continuing public relations campaign to salvage the tarnished reputation of the United Nations.

The PR effort by Annan comes ahead of the latest report by the U.N.’s own investigator into the Oil For Food program, Paul Volcker.

New details have emerged from the investigation showing that Kofi Annan met with the same Oil for Food contractor that had employed his son at least three times before and after the U.N. awarded the firm the Oil for Food contract in Iraq.

This comes on the heels of a report from the London-based Financial Times that Annan’s son, Kojo, received at least $300,000 in compensation from Cotecna Inspection Services. The Financial Times reported,“ payments were set up in such a way as to hide where the money was coming from and going.” The payments are more than twice that admitted by Annan, who first attempted to deny receiving compensation from Cotecna, and then downplayed the extent of his work with the firm on matters related to the U.N. Oil for Food program.

“What a surprise, we find out yet again that the latest representations by Kofi Annan and United Nations officials about the role of Kojo Annan in the Oil for Food program are nothing more than falsehoods,” said Howard Kaloogian.

“Kofi Annan’s charade that the United Nations is turning over a new leaf is completely undermined by his inability to come clean about the U.N.’s corruption, deception and inexcusable conduct in the Oil for Food scandal.

“It’s not hard to see why Kofi Annan, Kojo Annan and the United Nations cannot simply ‘come clean’ about the Oil for Food scam. How can you put a pretty polish on a con job that allowed hundreds of millions – if not billions – of dollars to be funneled to a brutal dictator who funded terrorism and purchased weapons that now kill Coalition forces in Iraq?” Kaloogian concluded.

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