New Report Gives UN Rights Chief Mixed Reviews on Confronting Rights Violators

A performance evaluation on Louise Arbour. It ain’t pretty. Excerpted from UN Watch:

A new study on Louise Arbour’s performance as UN rights chief gives her mixed reviews on confronting violators, and urges her replacement, Navanethem Pillay, to adopt a stronger approach toward UN heavyweights such as China, Russia and Egypt. The Right to Name and Shame, a 48-page report by UN Watch, a human rights NGO in Geneva that monitors the United Nations, was presented today at the inaugural meeting of the UN Human Rights Council’s expert advisors. The report is the first to scrutinize the tenure of a UN high commissioner for human rights. Click Here for Full Report: “The Right to Name and Shame”

On the Arab-Israel conflict, while Arbour’s approach could not be compared to that of the Arab-dominated Human Rights Council, whose resolutions have justified Hamas and Hezbollah terrorism, her statements were disproportionately weighted against Israel. Arbour rarely if ever criticized Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria or other countries in the Middle East with highly problematic records.