A new presentation from Conceptwizard

Folks, you all know Conceptwizard, the brilliant folks who brought us History In A Nutshell and Pipeline of Hatred? Well, they have just completed a re-design of their site and have put new articles online, and have created a brand new presentation. Mal and Udi Ohana write:

As Hamas presents its new cabinet to the PA’s President Mahmoud Abbas, we thought you might like to have a little more information about this organization and its aims.

Growing out of the Muslim Brotherhood, which originated in Egypt, the Hamas was formed in the Palestinian Arab areas in late 1987. Today, it is the largest fundamentalist Palestinian organization. It uses both violent and political means, including terrorism, to attain its goal of establishing an Islamic theocracy in place of the State of Israel.

In our latest presentation, you will see the main points of the Hamas Covenant, their goals and their methods of incitement. You will meet the new would-be leaders of the Palestinian Authority – and see the terrible results of their past endeavors.

You will find this latest Conceptwizard presentation on our newly designed info page, at: http://www.conceptwizard.com/info.html , together with all our other on-line presentations and articles.

Folks, remember, by buying Conceptwizard’s CD-ROMs you are participating in Conceptwizards effort to keep their web site going, to design new presentations, and to keep you informed of the latest happenings in Israel. Conceptwizard’s site and presentations are freely accessible to all and are not financially supported by the Israeli government or by any of the big Jewish organizations.

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