New Lesson for Palestinians: Those Who Live by Terror Can Die by It

Folks, Jim Sinkinson of FLAME writes:

The terror attacks in Amman, Jordan, should be a wake-up call to Jordanians, who have never thought of themselves as potential targets of Muslim extremism. In this article, commentator Daniel Pipes makes a similar observation about the Palestinians, also newly awakened to the price of terror. You see, many of those who died in the Amman attacks were, ironically, Palestinians. As you may know, millions of Jordanians (in fact, a majority of Jordan’s population) consider themselves to be Palestinians—Arabs who are related tribally to Arabs living in Judea and Samaria (the “West Bank”) and Gaza. Unfortunately, as Pipes points out, the lesson that terror is a morally reprehensible tactic may be lost on the Palestinians, who seem still to believe terror is wrong only when they themselves are the targets. Despite the fact that the same people who directed the Amman attacks—followers of the Jordanian-born al Zarqawi in Iraq—also murder hundreds of Muslim Iraqis every week, Palestinians may still be in denial that Islamic terror can be directed even against Arabs. Yet as these chickens come home to roost—as Islamic jihadists carry their crusade to its logical, bloody conclusions—we can only hope that moderate Arabs will soon come to realize that they, too, are in terror’s sights.

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