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From the brilliant authors of History In a Nutshell, Udi & Mal Ohana:

Over 800 missiles have been fired on Israel by Hizbulla since the abduction of the two Israeli soldiers on the Israeli side of the border with Lebanon. While the IDF reaction to this incident was to bomb bridges and roads, in order to prevent the transfer of the Israeli military personnel to a more remote places, the Hizbulla started targeting populated areas with their missiles, such as Nahariah, Haifa, Meron, Kiryat Shmona, Rosh Pina and, this morning, Tiberius – a tourist area with long stretches of beaches, frequented by many Israeli and tourist families on the Shabbat.

International criticism of Israel, of course, has not been lacking. For Udi & Mal Ohana’s take on the situation, please view their latest article, at the top of their info page: (click “read more” to see the full article).

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