Neturei Karta’s Sugar Daddy

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Ever wonder where the pseudo-Judaic pagan cult “Neturei Karta”, the pro-terror cheerleaders of Arafat, get their money? Well, now we know:


Special Information Bulletin

Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Center for Special Studies (C.S.S) August 2004

The Arafat Papers: Documents captured during Operation Defensive Shield show corruption at the highest levels of the Palestinian Authority – Money allotted by Arafat and his cronies

Allotments of large amounts of money to Rabbi Moshe Hirsch, the “foreign minister” of the ultra-orthodox, virulently anti-Zionist Jewish sect known as Neturei Karta. Two extraordinary payments of $25,000 ( January 13, 2002) and $30,000 ( February 14, 2002), show that Arafat often gave payoffs to Hirsch.

Among the hundreds of documents (captured from the Muqata during Operation Defensive Shield) dealing with money allotted by Arafat, two were found which related to large sums paid to Rabbi Hirsch for “expenses for activities.” The payments in question, one after an other, were unusually large ($25,000 on January 13, 2002, and $30,000 on February 14, 2002) and may indicate that Arafat paid him monthly. It should be noted that the amounts are significantly larger than those given to other cronies, which varied between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars.

For several years Arafat has had regular meetings with Rabbi Hirsch, who is known as Neturei Karta’s “foreign minister.” For Arafat Hirsch serves as an indoctrination and propaganda tool which he uses to demonstrate the cooperation between Palestinians and ultra-Orthodox Jews who hold the same anti-Zionist world view. Thus his readiness to “invest” unusually large sums of money in him.

In 1988, when the establishment of a Palestinian state was declared in Algeria, Palestinian sources stated that Moshe Hirsch would become a minister in the government in the future state. In a Palestinian Authority document dated 1995, Rabbi Hirsch was described as “the Minister of Jewish Affairs.” In a speech given by Arafat in the Ramallah-Al Bireh district on January 28, 2002, he noted the depth of the historical ties between all the Semitic religions and gave as an example the fact that Rabbi Moshe Hirsch was a member of the PLO’s National Palestinian Council.

You’ll note in one of the original documents, that “Rabbi Hirsch” addressed Arafat as “Abu ‘Amar, may he have a long and happy life”.

What a disgusting traitor.


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