Neo-Nazi website list Jewish Danes

Prominent Danes with Jewish and foreign backgrounds have been exposed on a website connected to neo-nazi group. The Police Intelligence Service is on the case.

Pictures of prominent Danes of Jewish and foreign background have been published on a website with connections to neo-nazi organizations. The page features Danish politicians, journalists, columnists, and artists, to name but a few.

The website features pictures of the people and their names, with the word ‘Jew’ stamped under the picture. Some of those appearing also have their telephone number and email address listed.

Many of those appearing on the website are prominent media personalities such as movie director Susanne Bier, and journalists from leading television stations and newspapers. The site claims that Jews, especially those in the media, conspire to control the world.

Socialist and Muslim MP Kamal Qureshi is also portrayed on the website.

Denmark’s Police Intelligence Service told media that the content of the website might be permitted under Denmark’s freedom of speech laws, but that they would investigate whether Denmark´s racism-preventive legislation banned it.

‘The homepage pushes freedom of speech to its limits,’ Chief Detective Inspector Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen told daily newspaper Politiken. ‘It´s in a grey zone, and we must see if it is against the law.’

The Security Service has noted an increasing number of racist websites.

‘We’re more than aware of this development as it can increase the risk of direct confrontations,’ Bonnichsen said.

Neo-Nazi website list Jewish Danes

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