Neo nazi scum feign victimhood in Dresden

Today, in Dresden, Germany, waving black flags and carrying banners, thousands of useless and should-have-been-aborted neo-Nazis marched in Dresden, marring the official 60th anniversary commemoration of one of the fiercest Allied bombing raids of World War II.

Dresden, untouched by bombing just months before the end of World War II, was nearly destroyed by two waves of British bombers on the night of Feb. 13, 1945. U.S. planes blasted the city the next day.

Police said at least 3,000 people joined the march in the eastern German city, making it one of the biggest far-right demonstrations since the war. Before the march, police said 5,000 attended a neo-Nazi rally.

And what words were on the banners?

“Allied bomb terror — then as now. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden and today Baghdad. No forgiveness, no forgetting.”

“We expect an official apology from Britain,” National Democratic Party (NPD) leader Udo Voigt told Reuters. The far-right (NPD) helped organize the march.

Folks, I said this before and I’ll say this again; I regret that day in 1990 when the Berlin Wall came down. The nazi dirt that still live in Germany should have remained imprisoned behind a wall for another 100 years. They were not punished enough, and now 60 years later, they thrive, continue to breed and lecture their twisted morality to the rest of us.

May the heavens open and avenge the 6 million Jewish Martyrs slaughtered by German barbarians.

May Germany suffer in ways that only God Almighty can impart.

Neo nazi scum feign victimhood in Dresden

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