Negotiating in the Bazaar

From Negotiating in the Bazaar:

In the Mideastern bazaar, diplomacy agreements are kept not because they are signed but because they are imposed. In the bazaar, the most important rule is that if the vendor knows about your desire to purchase a certain merchandise, he will put its price up. The merchandise in question is “peace,” and the Arabs give the impression that they possess this merchandise – and inflate its price – when the truth is they have never had it. In the bazaar only the stupid buyer pays for something he has yet to see. Israel should stop talking about “peace.” From now on, Israel should make a decision to create a new state of affairs, one that will compel the Arab side to ask for peace – and pay for it in real terms. For, unlike the Arabs, Israel has this merchandise for sale. What will lead them to pay? If they conclude that Israel is so strong they cannot destroy it. Here are Ten Rules for Negotiations in the Middle Eastern bazaar [see full article].

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