Necrophiliac muslims murder another American

Folks, today is a sad day. Today we heard the hard details of how Nick Berg was decapitated by necrophile Islamists who themselves, after 1400 years, still have not contributed anything positive to civilization.

And where is the outrage? Where is the outcry from the liberal media? Where is the outrage from John “Scary” Kerry? Where is the outrage from the slimeball, alcoholic Ted Kennedy? Where is the outrage from the shrew NY Senator Hillary Clinton? Where are the Jersey girls? Oh we forgot, they’re too busy calling for Rumsfield’s resignation.

Where is the outrage from Muslim moderates? Oh, we forgot. There’s only one Muslim moderate, and he lives in Italy. Folks, these liberals are a bunch of elitist creeps.

We need to defeat the enemy. It’s that simple. Defeat them. Kill them.

Folks, the scum “prisoners” in Al-Grahib prison should kiss the ground and thank their fake allah that they are not in a prison run by Hussein. They would have been fed to paper shredders head first, or deposited into acid vats. We’re better than Hussein for the way we treat our prisoners. But that misses the point. Let’s try to put this whole hysteria into context; put some proportionality into a controversy that has run amuck.

Folks, in that regard, let me suggest one thing you might not understand – you don’t understand what war is – what happened in the revolutionary war or WW II when the Japs were beheading our Marines, or, how the Marines responded in kind – not because the Marines themselves were animals but because the Marines wanted to stop the atrocities that were happening to them. You do what you have to do.

Folks, these prisoners were not there for jay-walking. They were there because they ALREADY HAVE AMERICAN BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS.

Folks, educate yourselves about the history of war – not whether something is right or wrong – but read about how America has fought past wars.

It’s not that we are better or worse but its because in order for there to be the survival of humanity, we must devastate our enemies. The facts is that true survival of liberty sometimes as a response to evil – is devastating. Well, tough. Evil is a funny thing – you can’t negotiate with it, you can’t reason with it, you can’t debate it – you have to kill it. Folks, this is WW III. Our enemy is Islam. Get real, folks. Wake up.

Oh, and the Al-Jazeera website has nothing on the beheading of Nick Berg. Surprised?

Another thing; I hope that this November, my American readers who are going to vote in November, will do so as if your lives depended on it. Three thousand Americans have already died at the hands of Islamic necrophiliacs. If you want another three HUNDRED THOUSAND Americans die, then vote for Kerry. Then, go to hell.

REMEMBER 9-11, folks.

And one last thing. The beheading of Nick Berg today was by an Al-Qaeda member, proving once and for all the link between Iraq and 9-11.

America. Love it or leave it.

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