Nazi Hunters Publish Most-Wanted List

The Simon Wiesenthal Center continues to pursue Nazis, publishing a list of the most wanted ones ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff intends to pursue and bring to justice every last Nazi, no matter how old they might be. Speaking with the Associated Press about those who claim the Nazis are now so old, asking “why bother?” Zuroff called such a response indicative of misplaced sympathy syndrome – a reluctance to go after war crimes suspects just because they’re old.

“I think we have to pursue every last one of them until not one of them is left alive,” he said.

Efraim Zuroff is a role model. He is the kind of Jew that I aspire to be.

May HaShem Bless Efraim Zuroff and his family. Amen.

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