National Review caves to CAIR

Folks, CAIR, the terror-front Muslim lobby group has pressured National Review Online, a leading conservative magazine to remove its Internet sale of two books about the Mohammad, calling the titles “virulently anti-Muslim” and “Islamophobic.”

The Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations – which has seen three of its former employees indicted on federal terrorism charges – including Randall Todd “Ismail” Royer and Bassem Khafagi – said National Review’s decision to stop selling “The Life and Religion of Mohammed” and “The Sword of the Prophet” came after hundreds of concerned Muslims contacted the magazine and the Boeing Co., one of the magazine’s advertisers.

In its lobby campaign, CAIR complained that the promo National Review posted for “The Life and Religion of Mohammed” said the book exposes “the ugly truth about the founder of the world’s most violent religion.”

Folks, I started reading about this on FrontPage a few days ago. WND is quite often ahead of the curve on important issues. The article on WND’s site today is borderline apologetic and pardons NR for having cowed to the muslim terror-front, CAIR. I don’t know what to believe, other than that I agree with Robert Spencer of JihadWatch almost 100% of the time. Robert Spencer said in the WND article mentioned above that “CAIR is trying to demonize truth-tellers about Islam.” Spencer contends the book is not “anti-Muslim hate literature,” noting it was written more than 80 years ago by Fr. J. L. Menezes, a Roman Catholic priest who served as a missionary in India. Spencer states

I have read it, and there is nothing inflammatory or inciteful in it; in fact, it is suffused with a pastoral love for Muslims. The author, as a Christian priest, obviously did not accept Muhammad’s claim to be a prophet. If it is Islamophobic hate literature for a book to explain ‘why Mohammed couldn’t possibly be a true prophet,’ then the Christian faith itself is Islamophobic and hateful.

The book doesn’t say anything false about Muhammad, Spencer maintains, noting that everything reported about his life comes from Muslim sources.

For the record, I loathe CAIR and its cry-baby spokesperson, Ibrahim Hooper. I’ve written about CAIR’s bigotry and penchant to sue anyone who criticizes Islam here, here, here, here and here. I loathe their advocacy and simultaneous denial of anti-American hate speech coming out of the organization. Some months after 9/11, Rita Cosby of FoxNews presented a video of Yusef Hazma, 23 years old and a member of CAIR’s board of directors proclaiming that “America is a condemned country and must pay for its inhumanity against men” which occurred at CAIR’s headquarters on Sunday Sept 9th, 2001, which was two days before muslim terror-philes attacked America.

As for NR, I don’t know why they cowed as I am yet not convinced that they were not afraid of paying out millions in a lawsuit initiated by the CAIR, already known for its demand of apologies from public figures such as Dr. Laura Schlesinger and Rep. Cass Ballenger, R-N.C.

Folks, we’ll have to see how this one plays out although I personally will always suspect CAIR each and every time they are in the news. Check out Anti-CAIR for more information.

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