The National Rally Against Islamo-Fascism Day by Jamie Glazov

Frontpage has an interview with Jesse Petrilla, the founder of the fast growing organization The United American Committee (UAC), a federation of concerned Americans promoting awareness of threats to Homeland Security, primarily focusing on Islamic extremism in America. The UAC is planning a National Rally Against Islamofascism Day on February 1.
Petrilla tells us

The National R.A.I.D. (Rally Against Islamofascism Day) is taking place so that citizens everywhere at the grassroots level can rally against Islamofascism in an attempt to awaken society and our government. We picked Feb 1st, a day that will not coincide with any holiday, so that we can send a clear message that we are standing up, and rallying against the Islamic extremist enemies of our nation and those who support them.

We have 18 rally locations scheduled so far in America, and numerous international rallies on February 1st as well — including the Czech Republic, Australia, and others. These rallies will also send a message of support for our troops and also for law enforcement, those men and women who protect us in the war on terror.Any and all individuals interested in forming a rally of their own are encouraged to gather their friends and head out to a busy street corner, or outside of a government building with flags and signs in hand, to rally on Feb. 1st in the National R.A.I.D.

Read more about the rallies listed in the press release.

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