The National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches are composed of arabists

Folks, please note that once again, church groups such as the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches have chosen to support Muslim Jihad and have responded with indignation about the Danish newspaper’s publication of the cartoons.

In an excerpt from Mark Toley’s article, “Consoling the Cartoon Mob” on FrontPage, he writes:

The National Council of Churches (NCC) of the U.S.A. reacted by standing in “solidarity” with U.S. Islamic groups, who “exercised disciplined restraint,” i.e., by not rioting or killing Americans over the cartoons.

NCC interfaith relations chief Shana Premawardhana said he affirmed press freedom but was “deeply disturbed by the inability of the press to understand and respect the sensitivities of religious people.” By “religious people,” the NCC official must have been referring to Muslims, because the NCC is not known for its indignation over insensitivity towards Christian symbols.

Mark Toley continues:

The NCC official “strongly affirmed the right of Muslim people to protest” while “strenuously” condemning the violence and “grieving” the loss of lives. He said the NCC was “grateful” that large Muslim demonstrations in London were nonviolent. Professing to represent the “mainstream” (read: declining and leftist-led) Christian community in the U.S., the NCC official urged a “dialogue” to replace a “clash of civilizations.”With similar equanimity, a statement from the Swiss-based World Council of Churches’ assembly in Brazil last month shared the pain of Muslims distressed over the cartoons, but did not mention the Christians assaulted in the Muslim riots.

The hypocrisy of the World Council of Churches is alarming. The World Council of Churches explained in 2000, that laws, like the notorious anti-blasphemy laws in force in Pakistan “have become a major tool in the hands of extremists to settle personal scores against members of the religious minorities particularly Christians.”

What happened to the WCC when it took a stand against the theocracy of Pakistan? Well, quite simply, 9-11 had not happened yet, and after it did happen, WCC jumped on the “Blame the Jews” bandwagon, which propelled their commitment to the Divest from Israel campaign.

I’m hoping that mainstream church spokespersons will speak out against these left-wing churches and their support for Hamas.

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