Nasrallah admits ‘intelligence failure’

From Jerusalem Post:

In an admission which underscores previous statements made by Hizbullah, leader “Sheikh” Hassan Nasrallah said that his organization suffered from an”intelligence failure” regarding the size and timing of an Israeli response in last summer’s war.”Frankly, we were surprised by the size and strength of the response, “Nasrallah told Professor Sa’ad A-Din Avrahim, the director of an Egyptian think tank, in an interview which was published Saturday in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai Al-aam. “I don’t hide the fact that we expected Israel at some point to attack but the information we had did not suggest they would choose to attack when they did.”

What Nasrallah is really admitting is that his plan to assist Ahmadinejad to wipe Israel off the map failed, although barbarians like Nasrallah are always at the gate, ready to attack Jews the next chance they get. But Israel is not asleep, Nasrallah. Even if she is, she has learned to sleep with one eye open. Israel and the West may doze off every now and then but with the beginnings of your ideology at Mecca in 620 AD up to 9/11/2001, we’ve learned the lessons for us to win the war on Muslim terror and even if you attack again, we won’t go down without a fight.

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