Nahal Tut Excavations – finds from 1st and 2nd Temple periods

Hey, arabists, “palestinians”, and terrorist apologists, listen up. More archaeological proof has been unearthed proving that Jews have been living in their homeland for hundreds of years way before Mohammed was born back in circa 570 AD.

According to YNet news, ongoing rescue excavations conducted in Nahal Tut, in the vicinity of Jokneam, as part of the Road 6 Highway project. An administrative center from the First Temple period and a dense Jewish village from the Second Temple period were found, where the walls were uncovered still standing. The finds include a First Temple period stone seal reading: “lmk)x (myxy”, which was apparently worn on a necklace, with four pomegranates on the upper line, and measuring 1 cm by 1.5 cms. Also, many stone, metal and clay vessels, were uncovered, including “lmlk” jar handles naming Hebron and Zif.

Hebrew article:,7340,L-3108996,00.html

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