Myth of “Arab East Jerusalem”

The Myth of “Arab East Jerusalem”

If a reporter were to write a story today which referred to Communist East Berlin, his editor would immediately call him on the carpet. The reason is simple. Communist East Berlin hasn’t existed for eight years. But if that same reporter were to write a story referring to another fiction, “Arab East Jerusalem,” no correction would be made, even though “Arab East Jerusalem” hasn’t existed for 30 years.

Between 1948 and 1967, the Jordanian army occupied the Old City of Jerusalem and adjacent neighborhoods. They made these into “Arab East Jerusalem” by expelling the Jews who lived there, and whose families had lived there for generations. Then in June of 1967 “Arab East Jerusalem” ceased to exist. Yet the media, President Clinton and world leaders refer to “Arab East Jerusalem” as if it still exists. Two simple truths must be stated loud and clear:

Jerusalem is united, and has been since 1967. Just as there is no longer any such thing as East Berlin, there is no longer any such thing as “Arab East Jerusalem.”

Today there are more Jews living in East Jerusalem than Arabs. So, to be accurate, if anything, the area should be called “Jewish East Jerusalem.”

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