My thoughts on the “dis-engagement”

STOP the disengagement – if for no other reason than that the international press is waiting for pictures of the Israeli army in action against *unarmed* Israeli civilians. The Jew-hating press will expect horrific photos of Israeli soldiers struggling with women and children.

These photos will “prove” the accuracy of their previous stories of Israeli brutality, thus milking even MORE sympathy from the uneducated international community for the poor “palestinian people.”

In all likelihood, the photos will be edited to show that Israeli soldiers are worse than Arab “freedom fighters”. Readers will, in the future, believe any story that the media fabricates about Israeli soldiers. No democracy removes 8,000 of its own law-abiding citizens from their homes, in order to appease their enemy.

The IDF’s reputation will be reduced to an all time low and these photographs – the real ones and the touched up ones – will immemorialize the horror of the disengagement for eternity.

These are just a few arguments that you should be thinking about.

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