Muslims torture Christian to death

Folks, you better wake up and acknowledge Islam’s bloody history:

Muslim seminary students in Pakistan tortured a young Christian for five days and nights to force him to convert to Islam, according to a British human-rights monitor.

The students in Toba Tek Singh, Punjab Province, accused 19-year-old Javaid Anjum of stealing their water pump when they found him drinking from an outside tap April 17, reported the Barnbas Fund.

Anjum replied he merely was searching for a drink and said, as a Christian, they could be assured he would not steal anything.

Upon learning of his faith, the students accosted Anjum and took him to a seminary run by Maulvi Ghulam Rasool, who along with others, tortured the Christian for five days.

Anjum’s tormentors ordered him to deny his Christian faith and embrace Islam. Finally they took him to a local police station April 22 and accused him of theft.

He was returning to his grandfather’s house after a visit to an aunt when he was abducted.

The injuries, the British group said, were “horrific,” caused by electric shocks repeatedly to various parts of his body, including his ears, which damaged his hearing.

His right arm and fingers were fractured, and his nails were pulled out.

Anjum’s feet were swollen from beating, and he suffered contusions and lacerations all over his body.

He also had many internal injuries along with the two failed kidneys, according to the doctor’s report, which noted he passed blood or pus instead of urine.

In many places his skin appeared blackened and oozed pus, and he could barely move.

The head constable at the police station where Anjum was taken, however, said in a statement it was God’s will that he had to die that way.

Muslims torture Christian to death

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