Muslims Silence Critics

In an update on the murder of Chauncy Bailey, bakery employee Devaughndre Broussard admitted to murdering him. Bailey was writing a series of investigative articles about the Bakery – and that’s why, according to police, Broussard killed him. Your Black Muslim Bakery is an outpost of the Nation of Islam, not of any orthodox Islamic sect, but in this murder Devaughndre Broussard has followed a pattern that some orthodox Muslims have also followed. Violent reprisal has long been an occupational hazard of those who dare to question or investigate Islamic groups or criticize Islamic practices. Filmmaker Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered in November 2004 by a Muslim who took exception to his criticism of the oppression of women in Islamic societies. In 1947, the Iranian lawyer Ahmad Kasravi was murdered in court by Islamic jihadists; Kasravi was there to defend himself against charges that he had attacked Islam.

For more on how Muslims silence their critics, read this, from Robert Spencer.

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