Muslims silence a 200 year-old opera

Even the Germans have become cowards. Via Politicians slam Berlin opera for canceling Idomeneo.:

German politicians condemned on Tuesday a decision by a Berlin opera house to cancel performances of Mozart’s “Idomeneo” over concerns they could enrage Muslims and pose a security risk.

In the production, directed by Hans Neuenfels, King Idomeneo is shown staggering on stage next to the severed heads of Buddha, Jesus, Poseidon and the Prophet Mohammad, which sit on chairs. The decision was taken after Berlin security officials warned that putting on the opera as planned would present an “incalculable security risk” for the establishment.

Folks, the Interior Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, attacked the decision by Berlin’s Deutsche Oper not to show the 200-year-old work as “crazy”, “ridiculous” and “unacceptable”. Bernd Neumann, the culture minister of Germany, said it showed “the democratic culture of free speech is in danger”. This cancellation of the opera is just another one of Islam’s targets regarding Muslim’s own distorted perception of the artistic treatment of Islam. Click here to view several examples of how Muhammed has been portrayed in art from Ottoman religious icons to market stalls in Iran, from the US Supreme Court building to the South Park cartoon – with hardly a stink.

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