Muslims prey on Jews who pray

Islam, the fake religion of peace. Yes, that’s right, I said fake. Islam is a fake, arrogant and vicious thought system. Islam is a fake religion that claims it’s open to all faiths and that it should govern Jerusalem because Islam would guarantee access to all religions, yet Islamist’s sure as HELL have a problem with Jews getting access to THEIR Holiest site. Let’s be real, folks. Let’s look at Islam’s true objective: Islam tried to make Jesus a palestinian, it tried to make Al Aqsa one of its holiest sites although it was never mentioned in the koran, and it tried to erase the religious history of every people it has ever conquered. You’ll find that in moments like the one described below, especially when it comes to Judaism’s holiest days, that Islamists show their true stripes: those of a tiger devouring its prey:

The Temple Mount – Judaism’s holiest site – was closed to Jews yesterday in response to Muslim threats of violence if Jews were allowed to visit.

The closure is particularly painful for many Jews, as yesterday was the Fast of Tisha B’Av – the 9th of the Jewish month of Av – marking the destruction of both the first and second Temples. Several other Jewish tragedies also took place on this date in history. (Smooth: I’ll tell you what another tragedy was: Moshe Dayan handing over the administration of the Temple Mount to the corrupt and evil Waqf back in 1967.)

Gershon Solomon, head of the Temple Mount Faithful organization, that Jerusalem Police Chief Ilan Franco’s decision to close the Mount has “devastating political and security ramifications, including increased Islamic violence and destruction surrounding Temple Mount issues, as once again, threats of Islamic violence have achieved their desired result.”

Members of the Temple Mount Faithful marched instead around the outside of the Temple Mount to signal their desire to ascend the Mount. The group had hoped for a change in police attitudes following Franco’s assumption of the Commissionership, but the group says he seems to have adopted the approach of his predecessors in banning Jews from the Temple Mount whenever Muslims threaten violence against them.

Muslims prey on Jews who pray

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