Muslims murdered innocent Jews 30 years ago too

On March 11th 1978, Israel was once again attacked when Muslim barbarians hijacked a bus and went on a rampage that left 35 dead and 100 injured. 30 years later, it is evident that it is not occupation that is the root cause of Muslim terrorism, but rather Islam itself that is the root cause of Muslim terrorism.On the 11th of March, 1978, a Muslim terrorist cell from Lebanon infiltrated into Israel via the beach south of Kibbutz Maagan Michael. Muslims killed an American photographer and a taxi driver and hijacked a bus, whose passengers, including many children, were on a day-trip to the north. The hijackers forced the driver to return to Tel Aviv. Driving on the coastal highway, the terrorists fired on passing cars from the bus.When the bus approached a blockade set up by the police at an entrance to Tel Aviv, a shootout took place. The terrorists left the bus and fired missiles. The bus burst into flames and most of the passengers were either burned alive or killed by terrorist gunfire.The massacre left 35 innocent people dead and 100 injured. The terrorists were identified as belonging to Fatah; nine were killed and two captured.Following the Muslim onslaught, Israel set out on Operation Litani to root out Muslim terrorist groups who had found safe haven in southern Lebanon. For more on Operation Litani, see this.

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