Muslims issue Internet death threats to Omar Sharif

If this story about Muslims weren’t so regressive and unevolved, I’d be laughing. Instead, it’s a dramatic and stunning portrayal of just how backwards and primitive Islam remains:

Death threats to the Egyptian-born actor Omar Sharif have appeared in Islamist forums on the Internet, after Sharif’s appearance as a Christian, Saint Peter, in an Italian biblical epic for television. A threatening message from user ‘bachirma1’ on one of the forums used by jihadi groups linked to al-Qaeda, reads:”In my view Omar Sharif is an infidel – enter here”. Inside it continues; “He is a crusader who offends Islam and Muslims and is applauded by the Italian people. I give you some advice, my brothers, you should kill him.”

From the exchange of messages it would appear that the sender of the death threats may be in Italy. A flurry of insulting messages endorse the condemnation of the 73 year old actor who shot to international stardom in the classic Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and with the title role of Doctor Zhivago (1965).

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