Muslims in NYC desecrate the American Flag. Where’s Newsweek?

Folks, welcome to America, the land where you can hyphenate your truest loyalty with the word “American”, feign your patriotism, then desecrate our flag, just like these Muslim-Americans did in NYC, in Flushing, Queens. (And fly two planes into our largest city and kill 3,ooo people, but that was just an abberation.)Here is a video produced by the loving and peaceful New York-based Islamic Thinkers Society that shows its members on a New York City street corner (in Flushing, Queens) declaring Islam’s dominance over America as they tread on a U.S. flag and then rip it apart.This group of Muslim-Americans is an American offshoot of the now-disbanded British jihadist group Al-Muhajiroun. Here’s a little background on the scum Al-Muhajiroun, from JihadWatch:British Muslim kids told: Be a suicide bomberBritain: flag burnt as extremists cheer bin LadenMuslim cleric says attack on London “inevitable”Militants in Europe Openly Call for Jihad and the Rule of IslamThe obligation of inciting religious hatred Funny, I was looking for an article in Newsweek about this desecration of our American flag, but I didn’t see one. Have you?

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