Muslims hope to redefine Israelis as “Arab Jews”

It is outrageous to the extreme the extent with which the entire world refuses to accept the right of the Jewish people to live freely in their own land. Via DebkaFile:

In an interview with Reuters, Prince Turki al-Faisal, former Saudi ambassador to the US and UK, again touted the 2002 Saudi peace initiative requiring full Israeli withdrawal from “occupied Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese land” in return for “full normalization of relations.” But Turki added a refinement: If Israel signed a comprehensive peace, “one can imagine the integration of Israel into the Arab geographical entity.” He went on to say: “We will start thinking of Israelis as Arab Jews rather than simply as Israelis.” DEBKAfile’s political sources note that this influential Saudi, a former intelligence chief and brother of foreign minister Saudi al Faisal, is keeping up the relentless Arab assault on the Zionist ideal of a sovereign Jewish state in its ancestral homeland. Furthering his vision of an Arabized Israel, the Saudi prince holds out the promise of: “Exchange visits by people of both Israel and the rest of the Arab countries would take place.” The interview took place at a conference in Kronberg on the Middle East and Europe staged by Germany’s Bertelsmann Foundation think-tank.

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