Muslims don’t want peace

Muslims don’t want peace with Jews in Israel. They just want Israel’s land. If Muslims wanted peace with Jews in Israel, 20,000 Islamists in Gaza wouldn’t have protested against “Vampire” Bush’s visit, nor would they have launched a rocket attack on the local American International School in protest against President Bush’s visit, nor would they call on their fellow Muslims to kill Bush, notwithstanding the fact that those Muslims who call for other Muslims to kill Bush are too cowardly to attempt the assassination themselves.

PA security officials expressed concern over threats by Palestinian groups to kill Bush. “We are taking these threats very seriously,” a senior PA security official told The Jerusalem Post. “We have taken several precautionary measures to foil any attempt to target Bush or to disrupt his visit.” Another PA security official accused Hamas of being behind most of the threats against the US leader. “Hamas has turned the Gaza Strip into a safe haven for numerous terrorist groups,” he said. “All these groups are operating there under the auspices of Hamas.”

Muslims politically identify with other Muslims, which is why there has been a resounding silence in the global Muslim community, where there should have been resounding global condemnation. The silence from the global Muslim community, including the silence from the terrorist front group CAIR, implies tacit approval to kill Jews and tacit approval to assassinate the President of the United States.

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