Muslims declare sovereignty over U.S., UK

Folks, when are we going to send these fatwa-loving banshees to hell? From WND:

Across town from the site of the recent attempted car-bomb attacks, several thousand Muslims gathered in front of the London Central Mosque to applaud fiery preachers prophesying the overthrow of the British government – a future vision that encompasses an Islamic takeover of the White House and the rule of the Quran over America.

“One day my dear Muslims,” shouted Anjem Choudary, “Islam will govern Britain!”

Choudary was a co-founder of Al Muhajiroun, the now-banned group tied to suspects in the July 7, 2005, London transport bombings and a cheerleader of the 9/11 attacks.

“Democracy, hypocrisy,” Choudary chanted as the crowd echoed him. “Tony Blair, terrorist! Tony Blair, murderer! Queen Elizabeth, go to hell!”

Click here for the audio of Anjem Choudary gurgling and belching his hatred for Jews and Israel. You can also hear Abu Saif villify Israel too.

This is a good story that captures the anger of the U.K. Muslims at the London Central Mosque. All of this audio aired on The Rusty Humphries Show one week before the attempted U.K. bombings.

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