Muslims Come to Israel’s Defense at Asian Parley

From Muslims Come to Israel’s Defense at Asian Parley:

At the annual meeting of the Association of Asian Parliaments for Peace held in Pattaya, Thailand, Iranian, Syrian and Lebanese officials tried to have the Israeli delegation expelled – and to pass an array of anti-Israel condemnations that had been approved in previous years. But the president of the conference, Thai parliament chairman Dr. Bhukin Balaklava, refused to expel the Israeli delegation, saying that countries with serious disputes should take part in the conference with the hopes of settling their disagreements. For the first time, the participating nations did not include a condemnation of Israeli policy toward Palestinians in their closing statement. Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, was the first country to oppose the attempts to pass the anti-Israel resolutions. Members of the Jordanian and Palestinian delegations joined the Indonesians in support of Israel. Next year’s conference is scheduled to be held in Iran.

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