Muslims Celebrate the Death of Jews

Folks, one picture is worth a thousand words, and there are thousands of more pictures just like this one of “palestinians” doing their Jew hate dance, a popular tribal ritual prevalent among Mohammedans in 21 Islamic theocracies that is initiated when a Jew or infidel is murdered.

Here, Muslim (or Moslem) Palestinian Hamas supporters celebrate the twin suicide bombing that killed 16 Israeli’s in Beersheba, during a Hamas rally in Gaza City, August 31,2004.

The Islamist militant group claimed responsibility for the new attacks as vengeance for Israel’s assassination of Hamas’ two top leaders in helicopter missile strikes. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

Oh, and for you trolls out there who think that this is a photo taken by a Zionist conspirator, you’re wrong. It was submitted to REUTER’s by Ahmed Jadallah. Can you speak the lingo now?

Muslims Celebrate the Death of Jews

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