Muslims Attack Jewish Teens in Paris

Originally Posted: 09 Sep 2008 06:31 AM CDT

Via INN:

Paris’s mayor is being asked to protect the city’s Jews following an attack on three Bnei Akiva Jewish youth group counselors Saturday on a street in Paris’ 19th District, in the city’s northeast end. The youths were outside a Bnei Akiva branch, and were about to go on an activity sponsored by the Bnei Akiva youth movement and the Jewish Agency.

According to Rafi Zaush, who represents both organizations: “The attackers threw chestnuts at the boys. One of the boys asked: ‘Why are you attacking us?’ The attackers answered with anti-Semitic shouts in Arabic. The three attackers then brought a group of 10 to 12 youths with brass knuckles who attacked the Jewish youths until the police came. The attackers fled.”

The injured boys are Dan Nevet, Kevin Bitan and Favid Buaziz. They are in the hospital and are suffering from fractures, mostly in the face. Their lives are not in danger.

“I regret to say that this thing happens all of the time,” Zaush said.

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