Muslims Attack Jew in NYC

Too bad the Muslim puke only broke his leg. Via INN:

Oriah Ohana, a 25-year-old Israeli rabbi from Kfar Chabad, was attacked by a group of Arab men in Brooklyn, New York City, Tuesday evening.

An 18-year-old Arab man grabbed the yarmulka off Rabbi Ohana’s head at the 4th Avenue and 9th Street train station in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, while his friends kicked and punched the victim and screamed “Allahu Akbar” [Arabic: Allah is Great].

Rabbi Ohana chased the man who grabbed the yarmulka. The Muslim attacker ran out of the subway station and was hit by a passing car.

The attacker’s friends then beat the rabbi, claiming he was the cause of their friend’s misfortune. They escaped before police arrived – abandoning their friend, whose broken legs precluded his escape.

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