Muslims attack Jew at U.S. Islamic rally

A Jewish activist was physically assaulted and his life was threatened during a planned “peaceful” rally held by the Muslim American Society in Boston, he told WorldNetDaily today.

“I have never been physically attacked before. I’ve had slurs thrown at me, got into heated debates, but what was amazing was that I was actually physically attacked,” Seva Brodsky said. “Since they were the majority, and felt invincible, they threatened to kill me!”

Brodsky, who recently returned from nearly six months in Israel, captured some of the confrontation on video, available at the weblog

Oh, and below is NOT a picture of Seva Brodsky. This is a picture of an American, David Rolde, secretary and administrative committee member of Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts at the Muslim rally in Boston Friday (Courtesy

It’s good to know that even ugly fat white Americans look charming in Arab ghetto clothing. Only thing missing is his backpack, fertilizer, 14″ gauge wire, and a copy of the Koran, and – boom – he’s got his 72 virgins, which I am sure, he dreams of at night alone in his bathroom on the throne, playing nicey-nice with his mousey.

More on the Green-Rainbow Party’s anti-Israel endorsements here.

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