Muslims are now waging a Web war

Via WND:

Declaring itself to be part of the “Internet Jihad,” Muslim students worldwide have launched a website – hosted in the U.S. – in response to the uproar over depictions of Mohammed published in a Danish newspaper.

The site, Ya Mohammed, is part of the “Internet Jihad to fight against the front of blasphemy” and sees itself “as a broad protest against the insults of the Western media,” according to one of its managers, who was interviewed by a political reporter of the Iranian News Agency Mehr.

Excerpts of the interview were published by the Washington, D.C.-based Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI.

The manager said the site operates in six languages – Persian, Arabic, English, Italian, French and Spanish. Plans are to also operate in Urdu, Russian, and Chinese.

More than 1,100 websites and weblogs have linked to the Ya Mohammed site, he said, but this number is not sufficient for an Internet Jihad to fight against the front of blasphemy.”

Folks, what you need to understand is, if Islam were a REAL religion, its godhead would have preached loving-kindness, love all strangers, act to forgive and humility, because that’s what godheads do. They teach a way of life that benefits humanity. Only a fool could attribute humanitarianism to Islam.

Besides, how much longer is this cartoon crap going to go on, anyway? Do they think the longer they keep it up the more scared we’re going to be? What part of “no compulsion” don’t they understand?

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