Muslims and their use of women as human shields

By Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator:

Would any American, European or Israeli man call for his wife, mother, sister or daughter to come into a fire-fight and stand as human shields to protect male terrorists? The Arab Muslim Palestinians think nothing of using women, children, the elderly as “human shields”.

These are the great macho Muslim men who take such pride in their self-perceived masculinity. They not only called up their women as a shield but, to bring them women’s dresses to disguise themselves and escape within the crowd of women.

Worse yet, after they became females some of the escaping terrorists fired their weapons from the crowd of women, drawing fire from the Israelis who were after the terrorists using the mosque as a hiding place. The Israelis return fire struck the crowd of women who were
shielding the escaping male terrorists, killing two women and injured some 10 others.

What heroic figures, what role models for their children. Would you hide behind the skirts of your mother, wife, sisters or daughters so you could escape?

I recall how Ayatollah Khomeini in his war with Iraq, sent children to run across the Iraqi mine-fields so the Iranian soldiers might cross safely. But, not to worry, Khomeini gave them slips of paper that told the children that they would soon be in Muslim warriors’ heaven.

Of course, many did not die but, merely had their limbs blown off so they could live the rest of their lives as maimed cripples.

There were many other instances where the heroic Muslims used their civilians as “Human Shields”. In their several wars with Israel many of the Arab adversaries such as Egypt, Syria, the Arab Muslim Palestinians under Yassir Arafat in Lebanon, used to place their anti-aircraft guns on the roofs of schools, hospitals and civilian apartment buildings. The ground-to-air missile batteries were too heavy and hard to re-load so some missile batteries were actually placed in school yards at ground level.

When they were hit by Israeli aircraft, the Muslims would bleat and howl about how the “inhuman Israelis were killing their children and blowing up their hospitals”.

In the recent attacks by the Hezb’Allah from Lebanon, they indiscriminately launched their Kassam Rockets against any Israeli city their missiles could reach. Many of the launchers were pre-positioned in Arab civilians’ houses, apartment buildings, schools and hospitals. The Katyusha launchers were on wheels and kept in the living room of the apartments. When they were ready to fire, they rolled the Katyusha launcher out onto the balcony, fired and then withdrew back into the apartment. This, of course, made both the apartment and the whole building, inhabited by civilians, a must-hit target. As for the so-called civilians, they either cheered their guests who were family to them or had little choice in hosting the Hezb’Allah shooters.

In South Lebanon the Hezb’Allah were funded, supplied and trained by Iran and Syria. Iran and Syria are still smuggling weapons across the border from Iran through Syria under the eyes of the MNF (Multi-National Force). In South Lebanon, the Hebz’Allah dug tunnels, built bunkers, loaded those bunkers with Katyusha missiles often within a few hundred feet of the soldiers of UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Forces In Lebanon). They only reported back to Kofi Annan of the U.N.

Sadly, the UNIFIL and now the MNF acted as silent partners to Hezb’Allah pretending to be impartial Peacekeepers. The presence of U.N. “Peacekeepers” would keep Israel from shooting back at Hezb’Allah near UNIFIL or MNF outposts. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. When Israel was forced to shell an area from where the Katyusha rockets were being launched and hit a UNIFIL post, Kofi Annan and the pro-Arab U.N. threw a fit and voted condemnation. They never voted condemnation of the Lebanese Government who were supposed to put their army at the Lebanese-Israeli border, disarm and disband Hezb’Allah – preventing them from attacking Israel. But, they never did.

Terrorists would slip past UNIFIL positions to cross into Israel but, were never stopped or challenged by UNIFIL. IF the terrorists were successful in a terrorist attack, they merely slipped back past the UNIFIL soldiers with a wink and a nod. Of course, the UNIFIL soldiers could not resist a cash bribe, always denied by Kofi Annan.

That “History Spin” is already being written by the Left and Liberal Media as they cast the terrorists as some sort of heroes for escaping the mosque they hid in behind a shield of women and then they demonize Israel for chasing these “poor, innocent Muslim Islamists”.

The firing of Kassam Rockets is reported as a matter of fact but, not a very important event. The “Spin” is that the reader is to accept Arab Terror and firing of missiles at Israeli civilians as kind of a naturally expected custom of Arabs so don’t think too much about it.

But, according to the Media and some in the Washington Administration, for Israel to attack for retribution is both unnecessary and the use of excessive force.

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