Muslims and non-Muslims do not believe in the same God

To the Muslims who want to kill me, my children and my grandchildren:

There is a new attitude that must be adopted against killers like you who relish their own suicide. A human being doesn’t do this; insects do ( e.g. roaches, waterbugs, ants, wasps, bees, etc ). A human being values his life and likewise, Jews do as well. When a primitive organism acts as part of a collective, like you do with your identity politics and with no value accorded to life, the rest of us feel no obligation to accord any value to you, either.

People like those who were arrested today, who “love death more than we love life” must be treated differently from human beings or even domestic animals.

We don’t put wild animals down until they have killed a human. With insects that are dangerous and bothersome, we should act pre-emptively.

My wish is that the 21+ Muslim men who were arrested after the MI5 discovered their heinous plot to kill thousands of innocent people, are executed in public and put down like the rabid hyenas that they are.

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