A Muslim Virginia man indicted in Bush assassination plot

Folks, I’m sure you already read the news that Ahmed Omar Abu Ali of Falls Church, Virginia, joined Al Qaeda in 2002 while studying in Saudi Arabia and that he discussed possible terrorist operations, including a plot to kill Bush either by shooting or by a homicide bombing.

He is accused of plotting to assassinate President Bush and was indicted on additional charges that could bring life in prison, and prosecutors now say he also planned to establish an Al Qaeda cell in the United States.

My question is, is Ahmed Omar Abu Ali a homegrown Muslim terrorist or is he an immigrant Muslim terrorist? The mainstream media won’t come right out and say. Well, after gleaning these links, here, here, here, here and here, I have discovered that YES, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali IS A HOMEGROWN MUSLIM TERRORIST, BORN IN HOUSTON, TEXAS AND BROUGHT UP IN VIRGINIA. That’s right, folks, we have here an Arab/Muslim-American, whose parents probably immigrated from Jordan (although the articles cited above are worded such that it’s hard to say for sure if they are from Jordan) and that Ahmed Omar Abu Ali attended an Islamic/anti-American Muslim school system in Virginia and who, as per his parallel cohorts in England, decided his romantic karma was to engage in murderous/jihadist activities for the glory of Allah against the US.

The simple fact that CAIR is defending him confirms the cabal.

So, anyone still think that racial/ethnic profiling should be taboo for the sake of Homeland Defense? Anyone’s head still buried in the sand?

The other crime committed here is that this information had to be excavated from bloggers and derelict scant media coverage.

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