Muslim Terrorists May Be Trying To Sink the Dollar

There is no doubt that the best recourse to exact revenge against Muslim terrorists and their supporters who are holding westerners – especially the US – hostage to their Muslim-infected OPEC policy which is to charge all westerners enormous sums of money for oil taken out of the earth by technology that WE TAUGHT THEM HOW TO USE, is for the US to jack up the price of wheat, corn, and oat that WE export to those same “starving” 3rd world Muslim-infested countries.

That’s right, I said it. Jack up the price of wheat, corn and oat that we sell to Muslim countries. That’s the only way that we can level the playing fields. Via

Mujahideen Muslim terrorists may be behind the sinking American dollar as part of a campaign to cripple the American economy, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported. The media watch group, which specializes in tracking Arabic language websites, said that postings on websites the past two years reflect a move toward waging an economic war against the United States.Financial, rather than military, losses that will prompt the U.S. to change its policies in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Mujahideen terrorist groups that operate in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries “have come to the conclusion that it is financial, rather than military, losses that will prompt the U.S. to change its policies in the Middle East and elsewhere,” according to MEMRI.

An article recently posted in Sada Al-Jihad (Echo of Jihad) magazine and posted on several Muslim websites, discusses the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S. as having influenced the decline in the dollar. It also cited the cost of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as draining the American economy.

Another recent posting stated, “The dollar can expect two additional blows that will break its back… [namely] the announcement of the return of the [religious rule of the] Caliphate…” and the reinstatement of the gold standard in international monetary trade. It urged Mujahideen “to get rid of American dollars” before an “imminent” terrorist attack that “will put an end to the so-called United States of America and destroy its economy completely.”

MEMRI concluded, “Given that it is highly atypical for Al-Qaeda to give prior warning of its attacks, the message is probably an attempt to pressure Muslims to sell dollars, in order to generate pessimism in the dollar market and thus accelerate the drop in its value.”

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