Muslim suicide bomber kills 3 in Israeli resort town

From CBCNews:

The first suicide bomber to attack Israel in nine months three other people Monday after targeting a small bakery in a resort town. Two Palestinian militant groups, Islamic Jihad and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, claimed joint responsibility for the attack, which occurred in a residential neighbourhood in the southern Israeli town of Eilat. The attacker came from the West Bank, a spokesman for Islamic Jihad said, but gave no further details. The suicide attack was the first since last April and the first to hit Eilat, prompting Israel to raise its alert level to the highest, police said. “Our assumption is that it’s not one bomber, and there might be more bombers in Eilat right now,” Eilat police commander Bruone Stein told the Associated Press. The blast scattered shards of glass and bread trays in the streets. The town is on the Red Sea near the Jordanian and Egyptian borders, and its distance from Israel’s major population centres has generally insulated it from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Eilat is a four-hour drive from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

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