Muslim Store Owners Beat White Man in Detroit — Because He Was White

Received by email, from Click on Detroit:

I checked CAIR’s website and didn’t find any action alerts “calling on North American Muslims and other people of conscience” to condemn this vicious racial hate crime. ECORSE, Mich. (WDIV) — Ecorse police are investigating a beating last week that was possibly racially motivated. Ecorse Public Works employee Mike Coleman, 48, said he walked into a local convenience store and was refused service.“I will take my business elsewhere,” Coleman told Local 4. He said the worker at the store yelled a racial slur at him and then the store owner and his two sons came at him out in the parking lot.Massod Dauod, the store owner, and his two sons Kusay and Wyah have been charged with ethnic intimidation and assault.Coleman claims the three proceeded to beat and punch him with sticks and bats. He said one of them had a gun.“They were trying to hit me with a bat, jab me with a bat. For what? For nothing,” Coleman said.Coleman suffered some bruising.He said now the whole incident just haunts him.Update: The whole incident was caught on tape by security cameras.

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