Muslim sexologist spices up Arab television

From Fox News:

The Arab world’s first Muslim sexologist is breaking boundaries with a sex education television show that has taken the Middle East by storm. Dr. Heba Kotb, 39, devotes “Serious Talk,” broadcast weekly on the independent Egyptian satellite channel Al Mehwar, to answering intimate sexual questions posed by curious young Arab men and women. The Egyptian doctor, who runs a sex clinic in Cairo, discusses topics usually unthinkable within conservative Arab societies: different sexual positions, the female orgasm and problems such as impotence — all with an Islamic perspective. Kotb gives all her advice according to Islamic principles and she frequently invites clerics along with doctors to take part in discussions. In a first for the Arab world, she has dared to state on air that there is nothing shameful or sinful about sex, so long as it is within marriage.

Kotb believes that more than 80 percent of divorces in the Arab world are caused by sexual problems. She recently advised couples not to renounce sex during the holy month of Ramadan.

Her critics say her program is too explicit. Sheikh Youssef al-Badri, a radical Islamic cleric, said her show “invades the privacy of our bedrooms” and “increases the number of sex perverts.”

Let’s hope she advises both women and men to cease from participating in the barbaric perpetration of Islam’s tradition of female genital mutilation. Now that would be revolutionary.

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