Muslim pro-Israel activist threatened

Muslim pro-Israel activist threatened

A devout Muslim college student in Canada known for her pro-Israel views on campus has received death threats after expressing support for the Jewish state’s right to exist.

“As a result of my pro-Israel views, I have received a lot of verbal assault, and a few threats to my life,” Sarah Nasser, a third-year student at the University of Toronto, told The Jerusalem Post.

“I received some violent resentment from the pro-Palestinian left-wing majority on campus. Most of my Muslim friends do not respect my views,” she said.

Born in Canada to parents who migrated from Tanzania, Nasser is a religious Muslim who covers her head with a veil and lives according to the rules of the Koran. She recently returned from a visit to Israel, and signed a petition to the United Nations denouncing suicide bombings.

“Being a supporter of the existence of Israel does not conflict with Islam, it complements Islam,” she said. “The Koran does not have any verses that do not allow for the Jews to return to the Land of Israel.” Nasser says that the North American media fails to portray the “severity” of the Palestinian uprising, and says that the armed uprising is proof that “Yasser Arafat and his followers will do whatever it takes and cause as much bloodshed as is necessary to overtake all of Israel.”

Active in campus political groups, Nasser urges the Jewish State to do more to improve its image abroad, saying that pro-Israel Muslims should be brought here to “show them what Israel is like, and to equip them with the knowledge to speak out in their communities about how sweet a country Israel is.”

“I love Jews as I love true Muslims,” she said. “Therefore, I believe Jews should have a right to live legitimately in their homeland.”


We here at Smooth Stone want to thank Sarah for her courage and honesty, traits so rarely seen in the Muslim community. Thank you Sarah Nasser.

(and a thank you to Hasidic Gentile for posting this on his site.)

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