Muslim Nations Stingy with Tsunami Aid

The establishment press has been dutifully chronicling the disaster relief contributions of Western nations in the wake of the South Asia tsunami disaster, where victims were overwhelmingly Muslim. But almost nobody seems concerned about how Muslim nations themselves are doing in the tsunami aid competition.Top radio talker Rush Limbaugh stepped into the breach on Tuesday, detailing for his audience the relatively stingy response from brother nations.

• Saudi Arabia – $10 million. “That’s like an afternoon shopping spree in Paris for a member of the Saudi royal family,” noted Limbaugh.

• Iran pledged a puny $627,000 – a small fraction of what they’re spending on their nuclear weapons program.

• Wildly wealthy Qatar – just $10 million of their petrodollars.

• The United Arab Emirates – $2.6 million.

• Kuwait – $2 million.

• Libya – $2 million.

• Turkey – $1.25 million.

Compare that to the $350 million in government aid pledged by the Great Satan (America), not to mention hundreds of millions more from private U.S. donors.

Surely U.N. officials will be calling a press conference any minute now to complain that wealthy Muslim nations are being too stingy with relief dollars.

Muslim Nations Stingy with Tsunami Aid

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