Muslim Mother Celebrates Wedding of Palestinian Martyr Son

The hope that the PA will improve dramatically after the demise of Arafat is based on the mistaken assumption that its problems stemmed mainly from Arafat as an individual and not from the society he created.

Um Al-Ajrami, a Palestinian mother of a suicide terrorist, spoke on PA TV on Nov. 17, 2004, about a group of women, all mothers of martyrs, who go to other mothers of martyrs (Shahids) during the period of mourning:

“We don’t say to the mothers of the Shahids, ‘We have come to comfort you,’ but ‘We have come to bless you on the wedding of your son, on the Shahada of your son.’…For us, the mourning is joyous. We give out drinks, we give out sweets.”

The Palestinian mothers’ positive, even joyous, responses to their sons’ deaths – and their celebration of their sons’ “marriages” to the maidens of Paradise – is a result of years of PA indoctrination.

Muslim Mother Celebrates Wedding of Palestinian Martyr Son

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